Top 5 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

The last thing you want to be dealing with as you’re running out the door for work, or just before guests arrive is a plumbing emergency. Anything from clogged sinks and toilets to a burst pipe can seriously interrupt your routine and go from minor to major in minutes. We’re going to discuss the most common bathroom emergencies that licenced plumbers handle every week so you can learn to spot issues and feel confident in calling professionals like ours at Living Services to fix your plumbing problems.

How to Detect Leaks Before They Become a Bank Breaker

When buying, renovating, or selling, it’s essential to understand your home’s condition and improvement. One of the most overlooked parts of home repair is leak detection! This common issue can result in thousands of dollars in repairs later on. It’s smart for any building owner to inspect for leaks before they become a bank breaker! Here are the steps to detect leaks: