Top 5 Secrets From a Licensed Plumber Revealed

What do plumbers know that most homeowners don’t? The Living Services plumbers possess the have-to-know secrets that will save you time and money before it’s too late! Keep these tips in mind to easily avoid unnecessary damage to your home. Here are the five secrets you should know from the experienced and licensed plumbers at Living Services:

  • Don’t Flush Flushables
  • Keep Consistent Maintenance
  • Be Wary of DIY’s
  • Avoid Corrosive Cleaners
  • No Hair or Grease

Do you need a quick and reliable plumbing service in Toronto? Contact the Living Services team for the best plumbing service from the most experienced plumbers in town! We arrive as soon as possible with a full-service truck to fix any potential plumbing issue you have. Living Services is waiting for your call, so contact us today for an estimate or repair!

Don’t Flush Flushables

Most flushable products are surprisingly not flushable at all. These include your floss, tissues, feminine hygiene products, and even flushable wipes! These flushables can easily get stuck within your toilet system’s pipes and lead to clogs or burst pipes. It’s important to note that most toilets have efficiency features that utilize a weaker flush resulting in a more easily cloggable toilet if you’re not careful.

Keep Consistent Maintenance

The best way to protect your home from damaging breaks or clogs is through constant maintenance. By merely cleaning or flushing out your plumbing from time to time will prevent damage and ensure your systems last longer. Using a simple drain-o on slow draining pipes can ensure you keep up with a well-functioning plumbing system. However, some products are not sufficient, and in some cases damaging for your pipes. Living Services has a team of expert plumbers with industry knowledge to assess and recommend the perfect remedy for your plumbing needs.

Be Wary of DIY’s

Often, quick and easy do it yourself (DIY) solutions to plumbing issues can cause more harm than good. ‘Simple’ solutions can completely ruin your pipes, like lemon peels in your sink. Before using a DIY trick, do more research and save yourself the extra trouble. Living Services doesn’t take the easy way out. We provide full service efficiently so you can rest assured your home is in good hands.

Avoid Corrosive Cleaners

There are a variety of chemical drain cleaners on the market. The most common types are caustic, oxidizing, and acidic. These cleaners are made of powerful chemicals that can do irreversible damage on your pipes, PVC, galvanized steel, iron, or copper. It doesn’t matter what your pipes are made of; these chemical drain cleaners can warp and erode them. Our expert plumbers at Living Services know which are best for your pipe systems, and they know exactly how to use them safely.

No Hair or Grease

Don’t let hair or grease go down the drain; it can clog your drain and result in expensive repairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or long hair, it all catches. Consider using a drain stopper or filter to catch hair and ensure this common issue doesn’t happen to you. When you have grease, it’s important to collect it and set it aside to dispose of, so it doesn’t end up closing off your drains.

Leave it to the Professionals

Though it may seem as if fixing your plumbing is doable, it’s hard to come back from a mistake. Fixing or modifying your pipes come with a long list of standards and regulations meant to protect you and your home. Don’t go in over your head and risk damage, time, and your wallet. Contact the plumbers at Living Services today; we arrive with a full-service truck to deal with any plumbing issue in Toronto as soon as possible!


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