How to Cure Your Smelly Drain Today!

Are you tired of your smelly drain? It’s easy to put off taking care of your smelly drain, but the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get! A smelly drain can be a sign of many underlying issues that you may need a professional to assess. We’ll give you some first response tips to cure your smelly drain today!

  • Deep Clean the Drain
  • Neutralize the Odour
  • Flush the Drain

Our experienced plumbers at Living Services can repair your drain today! It’s a good idea to save difficult drains for the professionals. Clogged, slow, smelly, or rooted pipes are not an issue for Living Services Plumbing. If your drains need to be fixed or cleaned, a selection of frustrating issues will usually pop up as an indication. Whether your drain is clogged, slow, has roots, or any other issue, your go-to experts at Living Services can handle all drain and pipe issues quickly. We arrive with a full-service truck to perform and complete repairs for any drain issues in Toronto!

Deep Clean the Drain

A big reason why your drain smells is because of food buildup or soap scum. After a while, this debris rots and becomes more pungent. These are the first steps you can take to clean your drain:

  1. Use a plunger and a long wire hook (a hanger works too!) to remove debris.
  2. Boil water and dishwater soap.
  3. Slowly pour mixture down the drain multiple times.

Neutralize the Odour

To neutralize the odour, it’s essential to use products that are great deodorizers. You don’t want to add to the smells! Vinegar is an excellent deodorizer that will mask the odour until you can solve the underlying problem.

Flush the Drain

You can always try flushing the drain, but some drain issues can only be fixed by experienced plumbers. A practical solution that you can do yourself is flushing the drain using baking soda and vinegar. This mixture causes a chemical reaction that will fizzle, and hopefully, clear your clog! Here are the steps to take to flush your drain:

  1. Run boiling water down the drain for about a minute. 
  2. Cover the drain with 1 cup of baking soda, and wash it down the drain with 2 cups of hot vinegar. Stand back; it will erupt and fizzle.
  3. After the chemical reaction stops, flush the drain with hot water once more.

These are the best ways to fix a smelly drain yourself, but if this didn’t solve your issue, don’t hesitate to call Living Services! The longer you wait, the worse the drain can get! We work fast, equipped with a full-service truck, to get any drain repair you need done in the same day! Our teams of experienced plumbers work all over Toronto and are waiting for your call!


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