How to Detect Leaks Before They Become a Bank Breaker

When buying, renovating, or selling, it’s essential to understand your home’s condition and improvement. One of the most overlooked parts of home repair is leak detection! This common issue can result in thousands of dollars in repairs later on. It’s smart for any building owner to inspect for leaks before they become a bank breaker! Here are the steps to detect leaks: 

  • The History of the House
  • The Interior of the House
  • The Exterior of the House

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The History of the House

Before diagnosing your house for current issues, it’s useful to analyze and research the house’s history. Often, the most damaging problems are invisible from the exterior of the home. Understanding when your house was built, and with what systems will have a massive impact on the current valuation! 

Some neighbourhoods still use the same sewer lines from 100 years ago, which could mean more expensive repairs in the future. Other information to look out for includes what repairs and renovations have already been done, whether the plumbers were licensed, and which sections of the house are reaching the end of their lifespan.

The Interior of the House

 The inside of your house will point out both the apparent repairs and the less obvious issues that need to be addressed. There are many signs to watch out for that will help you detect ongoing or imminent leaks:

  • Water stains
  • Sunken Floors
  • Mildew/Mold
  • Funky Odour
  • Damp/Humid Air
  • Off Coloured Water
  • Increased Water Bill

Look out for less apparent signs as well! Consider whether your appliances in general, like your toilets, drains, showers, and water heaters, are working correctly. Check for your home plumbing system’s age and be aware of when it will reach its maximum usage.

The Exterior of the House

 The outside of your house usually faces the most wear and tear, so it’s essential to know if it’s in good condition. Maintaining your roof, shingles, and lawns can prove much less expensive than replacing it altogether. Inspect every part of your roof, including the gutters and keep an eye out for dry rot. 

However, it’s essential to know that you may not see or notice all the existing plumbing or leak issues. For those reasons, it’s worth considering getting an inspection from the licensed plumbers at Living Services.

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